Aristocats Terms and Conditions

By boarding your animals with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions You will find all our terms and conditions below or on our website for your review, which you can refer to at any time.

Charging rates levied daily (NOT NIGHTLY). You will be charged one complete day on the day your pet arrives (whether morning or afternoon) No charge will be made for the day of departure, if between 9am and 9.30am. Immediately after 9.30am you will be charged a full day rate

Charges will be made for the full term booked for the reservation regardless whether the pet is collected early, (by prior arrangement only).

  • Complete payment must be made before the pet leaves the kennels/cattery. We accept cash, debit or credit card (credit card charges may apply) WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES
  • cancellations will be charged at 50% of the total booking fee if not cancelled two weeks prior to your pets stay.
  • We reserve the right to rehome any pet not collected within fourteen days of the stated collection date. The owners will be responsible for all costs and charges incurred.
  • Owners are welcome to accompany pets to their accommodation but do so at their own risk. We will accept no responsibility for any accident or injury whilst on the premises.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to boarders at our discretion or to any pet we consider to be on poor health.
  • A current vaccination certificate must be produced before any pet is admitted to the kennels or cattery. We recommend dogs also to be vaccinated against the Kennel Cough virus at least fourteen days before dropping off. (if in doubt please speak to your vet)
  • All pets should have been wormed and had recent flea treatment. Should any pet require treatment for internal or external parasites this will be done without prior consent from the owner and a charge will be made for this payment must be made before pet leaves the kennels/cattery.
  • We are authorised to contact your own vets should we require further information regarding your pet’s condition at any time.
  • All dogs will be walked on a slip lead and taken on our private lane and fields whilst in our care any customer wishing alternate exercise procedures should discuss this at time of booking. Please note that due to weather/ground conditions your pet may need bathing after departure. This is the pet owner’s responsibility.
  • Any owners requiring their own pets from the same household/family to share accommodation do so at their own risk. Veterinary fees incurred for treating animals which share accommodation and harm each other will be the responsibility of the owners; we reserve the right to split any sharing animals where we feel the need, into separate accommodation for the duration of their stay. This will incur extra kennelling fees payable by the owner before departure. In an unlikely situation a crate may be used
  • Any soft bedding, toys or belongings brought in with your pet is done so at your own risk, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage. If your pet chews/shreds bedding, or for any other reason we feel the need, it will be removed and just a plastic bed used.
  • OUR OPENING HOURS ARE NOT FLEXIBLE  Opening hours are strictly-
  • Mon-Fri 9am 12noon or 4pm-6pm Saturday and Sunday 9am-12 noon ONLY. YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY OUT OF THESE HOURS
  • All bookings made for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day will incur a single supplement of £5 per Pet. we are not open for drop off and collection on these days. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Any medicines will be given as per instructions to animals boarding with us, but it must be understood that we are NOT a Veterinary Kennels
  • We provide a selection dry and wet pet food, you may bring your own food in the original packaging with the use by date clearly visible, out of date feedstuffs will not be accepted and you must bring enough for the duration of your pets stay.
  • It must be clearly understood that animals are boarded purely at the owner’s own risk. In the event of illness or injury, your cat or dog will be taken to Pet Medics Wardley, and all charges incurred will be paid by the owner. It is your responsibility to furnish all relevant medical history when making your booking.